The health properties of oats

Did you know that oats are naturally gluten-free? That makes oatmeal an interesting alternative to wheat, rye or barley if you are sensitive to gluten. Moreover, you can do anything with oats and oatmeal: from oat milk and oat cookies to oat bars or pancakes with oats,... Oatmeal is nutritious and healthy thanks to the abundant presence of fiber, fatty acids, proteins and vitamin B. A real power bomb!

In this article you will find all the health-promoting properties of oatmeal listed. Thus, this ingredient becomes not only a treat for your tongue, but above all a medicine for your body and soul!

Ready for this healthy condiment?

Oatmeal tops the cereal list in terms of protein content. On 100 grams, oatmeal scores a whopping 13.1 grams of protein. These consist of 18 different amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids. This contributes to proper metabolism, muscle building, and a functioning system that stores and transports nutrients such as minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, proteins and water. Did you know that your heart is 95% amino acids? So put oatmeal on the menu regularly for a happy heart that beats!

The high protein content, along with the presence of vitamins B, E and K, make oats a worthy alternative to meat. Note: unlike meat, oatmeal does not contain B12.

Because oatmeal is a whole grain cereal, it is a great provider of fiber and carbohydrates. Of these, it is known to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diatbetes, LDL cholesterol and colon cancer. Of course, this hinges on how you prefer to consume your oatmeal. If you choose ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, the chances of added sugars and other less healthy additives are very high. So put on that chef's hat yourself and start experimenting with healthy dishes.

Finally, this interesting fact. Oats contain no gluten but are usually contaminated by the gluten of other cereals; either through the surrounding grain fields or in the grain processing plant. If you want to be 100% sure, choose gluten-free oatmeal. This is explicitly stated on the package and gives your gut peace of mind.

The spiritual significance of oatmeal

Nobi, however, looks even further and tells you what the spiritual message of oatmeal is. For this we take our cue from the Flemish writer and mystic Christiane Beerlandt who describes the energetic meaning of food in detail in her world-famous bestseller "The Horn of Plenty. Ready? Here it comes.

 Oats take care of every particle of "being. Brain, nerves, blood vessels, bones, psyche, emotions, ... everything is fed to perfection with attention and life energy from the oat energy. Oats do not neglect any part of the soul-and-body, he is optimally healthy both inside and out. The oat man has a built-in sense of justice: everyone equally.

However, oat people are also very focused on appearance and other futilities. How others behold them occupies them frequently. Consequently, he can lose himself in too much attention to outward appearances, to his muscles, to sunburnt skin, etc. As a result, he lives somewhat deadened and cut off from his own deeper wisdom and content. Like a flower that identifies only with its yellow petals, but forgets its rich soul essence. Matter detached from its source becomes depleted and dies. True immortal health begins with unity between soul and body, between substance and form.

If you long for oats, then oats calls you to seek the Source within yourself and let go of your identification with a superficial exterior. From connection with the True Self, your true life stream can make its way.

Oats shows you the way to an even distribution of inner life energies throughout the body. Oats helps you to remember that your body cannot exist without its source of life. So let go of your desire to be OK on the outside, says oats. Feed yourself from within and you will never run short. This will make you strong psychologically and physically. After all, you no longer exist just to be seen and approved by others, but you live from and inner strength and love for yourself.

And now... feast on it!

How about these delicious oatmeal pancakes with banana for breakfast?

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